We hold workshops approximately once every three months, both online and in-person.

Topics: Seasonal Ayurveda Yoga, Seasonal Cleansing, Aromatherapy, Inner Child Healing, Breathing Techniques, etc.
Location: Zoom or Orange Island in Irvine CA


Did you know that smell is the only sense directly connected to our instincts among the five senses? It can instantly send messages to the brain and influence our emotions.

By inhaling our favorite scents, we can balance our autonomic nervous system and hormones, bringing calmness to our minds, improving concentration, and enhancing memory. It’s delightful to experience these beneficial effects.

I also incorporate aromatherapy into my yoga classes, aiming to guide the state of the mind towards a positive direction using the power of fragrance.

* We offer hands-on workshops where we create homemade products such as foot scrubs, aroma sprays, bath bombs, lip balms, etc., based on seasonal themes.
* We also organize Relaxation Aromatherapy Yoga sessions utilizing aromatherapy. Please refer to the Yoga page for more details.

  • Fee$35 – $50 + cost of materials
  • Time90min – 120min


We hold retreats approximately twice a year, primarily in California and also plan to organize them in Japan.

Content: Yoga, Meditation, Mandala Making, Yoga Nidra, Circle Time, Diary, and more.

For specific dates and details, we regularly provide updates through our newsletter. If you are interested in participating in our workshops, please register and stay tuned for further information.